Five Characteristics of High Performing Clubs

You have no doubt heard it said in our organization that "it's all about the member". Indeed, our organizational pyramid shows the member at the top, supported by all other levels. But in my experience, a high performing club serves its members far better than a struggling club.  Similarly, the success of a District depends... Continue Reading →

Reminder: It is time to renew your dues by Oct. 1st!

If you are a club officer (especially treasurers) this post is for you! This is a friendly reminder that your club members need to submit its dues to Toastmasters International by Oct 1st for the payments to be considered on-time for the next 6-month dues cycle. On-time payment of membership dues for a minimum of... Continue Reading →

District 29 Clubs: You may already be familiar with the Toastmasters International Smedley Award Membership Campaign that runs through August 1 - September 30th. As an extra incentive to add new members to your club, District 29 is adding a bonus incentive of $10 gift cards (for food/grocery stores, coffee shops, etc.) for every 2... Continue Reading →

Freebies for Your Clubs

Did you know that Toastmasters International has a whole bunch of FREE marketing materials that you can add to your next club order? Just add these item numbers to your cart to obtain these free printed items in your next order from the Toastmasters shop: *Means the item is also available in digital format In... Continue Reading →

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Check out the new District 29 TLI video. Please share with your members, officers, and clubs. Please also remember to register for a TLI (or more than one) this summer!

Member Spotlight: Check out Tamara Hamilton’s recent article in Speaker Magazine

Member Spotlight: Tamara Hamilton from US Geological Survey Club recently published an article in Speaker Magazine titled "The Toastmasters Journey to Becoming a Better Speaker". Check out the article here: NSA-Speaker-Magazine-June-2018 Do you have a member spotlight you want to share? Contact the District 29 Public Relations Manager.

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Our New District Website Just Launched!

  We just switched our website from FreeToastHost to WordPress and we want to know what you think. This new site will improve our service to members with access to endless customization options. If you have feedback or suggestions about our new site, please contact the PRM Manager or leave a comment.

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