Engaging Humor Path has arrived!

This is no joke. There is now an 11th Path in the Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience and it is the Engaging Humor path. This path just launched around the world TODAY and is brand new to Pathways.

Engaging Humor is only offered online and is available to all members. Its projects, which include titles such as “Know Your Sense of Humor” and “The Power of Humor in an Impromptu Speech,” offer strategies on writing humorous speeches, using effective timing and pacing, crafting strong openings and even how to cope when your jokes bomb. (Tips: Don’t sulk, don’t be irritated with the audience, and take time later to analyze why some bits worked and some didn’t.)

As with the other 10 paths in the program, you advance through five levels that increase in complexity. The projects include interactive activities and videos, which feature insights from experts such as Darren LaCroix, Toastmasters’ 2002 World Champion of Public Speaking and longtime stand-up comedian Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible.

The humor path draws on many of the same concepts highlighted in the Humorously Speaking manual in Toastmasters’ traditional education program. The importance of understanding and developing your own style of humor is a key aspect. So is wringing comedy out of personal stories and anecdotes that will resonate with your audience. Engaging Humor features a Story Collection tool in Base Camp that enables you to gather your own trove of funny stories.

Humor is a great tool to make your speeches more engaging. Perhaps you wanted to do the Humorously speaking advanced manual in the legacy education program, but never got around to it. Maybe you are thinking about competing in the Humorous speech contest next fall or you just want to hone your funny bone – then this might be the path for you.

You can purchase this path or one of the 10 other Pathways paths at: https://www.toastmasters.org/start-pathways/recommendations or if you need help deciding, you can take the Pathways Assessment. You have 30 days from the time of choosing or purchasing your path to switch to a different path if you change your mind.

You might be eligible for a free Path

Every member is entitled to their first path at no cost.

If you have been a member of 2 (or more) clubs you may still have the ability to get a free 2nd Path.

In order to qualify for a second free path, you must meet the following three requirements:

  • You belong to two or more clubs*.
  • Your membership of at least two clubs began prior to the date of when Pathways launched in your district.
  • Your membership to at least two of the clubs you became a member of before Pathways launched in your district is still active the day you redeem your second free path.

*Note: Joining additional clubs after Pathways became available in to your region will not qualify you for a second free path.

This offer expires June 30, 2020 or if your membership in that second club lapses so don’t forget to take advantage of it. To obtain the 2nd Free path must be redeemed by contacting r Supply Orders Team by phone at +1 720-439-5050 or email at [email protected].

For more information about Pathways, visit www.toastmasters.org/Pathways.

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