2019-2020 District 29 Leadership Candidates

District 29 would like to thank our District Leadership Committee led by Immediate Past District Director Amy Brener, DTM, for completing their mission of interviewing all candidates, deliberating and providing their nomination results.

The following are the nominated candidates for the May 11, 2019 District 29 Elections:

2019-2020 District 29 Leadership Candidates:

District RoleCandidate
District DirectorDana G. Richard, DTM
Program Quality DirectorNarayanan Doraswamy, DTM
Club Growth DirectorBettie St. Clair, ACG, ALB, TC3, VC5
Division A DirectorAnthony DiPalma, ACB
Division B DirectorRegina Faulkerson, ACG, ALB
Division B DirectorRobert Wilson, ACS, ALB
Division C DirectorDonnie L. Bullock, ACG, ALB, DL1
Division D DirectorRichard D. Taylor, ACS, ALB, PM3
Division E DirectorSabrina Woodlief, CC
Division F DirectorKimberly M. Choplin, ACB, ALB, MS1
Division G DirectorTalisa V. Thomas-Hall, ACS, ALB, VC4

As defined by Policy 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections:

  • District executive committee members shall not take any action to endorse or officially support any district officer candidate; however, district executive committee members who are running for district office may campaign on their own behalf.
  • Floor candidates must be nominated by a member of the district council or their proxyholder. Floor candidates may self-nominate when they are a member of the district council or a proxyholder.
  • Floor candidates for district director, program quality director, club growth director, and division director must sign the Officer Agreement and Release Statement prior to the election.
  • candidate’s representative may not be a member of the district executive committee, a member of the DLC, the credentials chair, or any other meeting official.

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