District 29 Talk Up Toastmasters Incentive Program – Earn $5 Gift cards for every 1 new, dual, or reinstated members added in Feb-Mar

District 29 Clubs: You may already be familiar with the Toastmasters International Talk Up Toastmasters Membership Campaign that runs through February 1st – March 31st.

As an extra incentive to add new members to your club, District 29 is adding a bonus incentive of $5 gift cards (for food/grocery stores, coffee shops, etc.) for every 1 new, dual, or reinstated members added to your club during the Talk Up Toastmasters Campaign. Even if you add 1, 2, 3 or 4 members, your club can still earn this prize. There is no limit so if you add 6 or more, you will keep earning $5 gift cards for your club for each new members added during the period of
February 1st – March 31st . (Note: All clubs that add 5 members will still automatically qualify for the Talk Up Toastmasters recognition prizes from Toastmasters International.)


  1. The statistics on the Toastmasters District 29 Dashboard will be used as the one source of truth.
  2. If someone joins in March, but starts their membership after the date of 1st of April, they do not count.
  3. This incentive program only applies to District 29 Toastmasters Clubs.

For more questions on this incentive program please contact our Club Growth Director Narayanan Doraswamy or your Division Director.

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