Freebies for Your Clubs

Did you know that Toastmasters International has a whole bunch of FREE marketing materials that you can add to your next club order?

Just add these item numbers to your cart to obtain these free printed items in your next order from the Toastmasters shop:

ProductItem #Quantity 
Find Your Voice Brochure* 99F5 or 25
Confidence, The Voice of Leadership Brochure* 101F5 or 25
From Prospect to Guest to Member*108F31 set (of 3)
The Benefits of Toastmasters Membership* 354F1 Set (of 25)
Success 101* 16223
New Club Information Kit 1231 Kit
Toastmasters Recognition 1212Select desired quantity

*Means the item is also available in digital format

In addition to free physical materials has a TON of free items available for free digital download and/or print to share with your clubs. Here are some examples:

ProductItem #Details
Uncover Your Leadership Potential130Search the item number in the shop and click the digital download link
Become a Better Leader 131
Find Your Voice 132
All About Toastmasters (Brochure)124
Transform Your Talent flierSearch "Transform Your Talent flier" on
Navigating Pathways FlierSearch "Navigating Pathways Flier" on
Where Will Pathways Take You flierSearch "Where Will Pathways Take You flier"
Prospective Member FlierSearch "Prospective Member Flier" on
Features, Benefits and ValueSearch "Features, Benefits and Value" on
Let the World Know: Publicity and Promotion (Publicity Handbook)Search "Let the World Know" on
Membership Growth (Handbook)Search "Membership Growth" on
Membership Application for Clubs (English)Search "Membership Application for Clubs English" on

Are you trying to start a new club and need materials ASAP? Please contact Club Growth Director or contact up your Division Director to request materials to be brought to your meeting location.

Many other useful resources are available and/or information, branding rules, and downloads to design your own printed materials on the Logos, Images and Templates page.


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