The Winning Culture at PMIWDC#01

The Club Officers of PMIWDC#01

PMIWDC#01 Toastmasters Club has been a winning club since its inception in 2006. The club has earned the President’s Distinguished distinction for fourteen consecutive years by achieving at least 9 of 10 possible Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals each year. This year, it is the first club in District 29 to earn 10 DCP goals and is on its way to further accomplishments by the end of the year in June 2020.

How does PMIWDC#01 continue to accomplish these goals? As Region 7 advisor Charles Gates said in his keynote address at the District 29 Mid-Year Gala in November 2019, Toastmasters is a team sport. Like any great sports organization, PMIWCD#01 seeks to establish a “winning culture.” To them this means that every team member knows the team’s objective, aligns their actions with those objectives, and gives and receives support from their team in those goals. In this environment, individual goals are encouraged and incorporated into the team goals of the club.

This sought-after experience is the culture of PMIWDC#01’s Toastmasters Club. With the integration of the new Pathways Program, PMIWDC#01 has proven to be a club made up of overachievers.  In 2018, they completed 11 DCP goals; in 2019, they had 12 DCP goals, and entering the new decade they have an ambitious goal of achieving all 16 DCPs since this is the last year in Toastmasters this will be possible, a goal they are well on their way to achieving

Most of us like being part of a team, and everyone likes being part of a winning team.  As such, people often push themselves a little bit harder if they know they are helping the team.  Using the team sports strategy of establishing a team goal and letting people know how their participation helps the team meet the goal. In this way, PMIWDC#01 sets a great example for every club.  

If you want to be part of this winning team at PMIWDC#01, or would like to experience how Toastmasters can be a team sport and incorporate some of their culture into your own club, please do not hesitate visiting or reaching out to them. 

PMIWDC#01 meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9 PM at McLean High, Room 150, McLean, VA.

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