Recruiting New Club Officers

April (or even earlier) is a good time to start recruiting your new slate of officers for the following Toastmasters year. Club elections typically take place in the first meeting in May and therefore the nomination committees need to decide their candidates ASAP.

Two weeks before the elections, the club president appoints a nomination committee of at least 3 active club members 2 weeks before club elections. The immediate past president typically chairs this committee.

Are you trying to recruit new officers for your club or are you on a nominating committee trying to determine who the best officer candidates are for next year? Are you a new or current Toastmaster who is thinking about building leadership skills as an officer?

We provide an officer interest survey template for download below that might help you outreach interested officer candidates from your club. The back has descriptions of of each officer position.

(See Article VI, Officers: Section 5 of the Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International and/or the Club Leadership Handbook for more information on Toastmasters Club Elections and Club officer roles/duties.

Every club handles their officer nomination, selection, and elections a little bit differently. How does your club decide on its officers?

Please share your club’s great ideas, challenges, and questions with the District 29 Toastmasters community in the comments.

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